Guidelines Governing Direct Transfers to Ph.D. Programs by Master’s Students

National Chiao Tung University
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
Guidelines Governing Direct Transfers to Ph.D. Programs by Master’s Students

Approved Sept. 16, 1992, by the Departmental Affairs Meeting
Revised Sept. 19, 2001, by the Departmental Affairs Meeting
Revised March 12, 2003, by the Departmental Affairs Meeting
Revised Oct. 9, 2007, by the Departmental Affairs Meeting (correspondence vote)

  1. 依據教育部頒行之「修讀學士學位應屆畢業生及修讀碩士學位研究生逕修讀博士學位辦法」及本校「學生逕修讀博士學位作業規定」,特訂定本要點。
    Regulations stated herein are proposed in accordance with the Policies for Students to Study in the Direct Ph.D. Track of the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Regulations for Students to Study in the Direct Ph.D. Track of National Chiao Tung University (NCTU).
  2. 依本校之作業規定, 碩士研究生,修業期間學業成績在該班前三分之一以內,或有其他特殊情形 (如發表論文) 經評定為成績優異,並具研究潛力者,得提出申請。
    In accordance with NCTU policies, a master’s student who academically ranks in the top one third of the student’ graduating class, presents outstanding research potential, or achieves other excellence (such as academic paper publications) is eligible to apply for the direct Ph.D. track.
  3. 申請直攻博士學位之研究生,須繳交下列文件:
    Applicants for the direct Ph.D. track should submit the following:

    1. 申請書一份
      a completed application form
    2. 碩士班歷年成績單一份(含各學期名次證明)
      a transcript of master’s program study (including class ranking)
    3. 至少二封推薦信
      least two recommendation letters
    4. 攻讀博士學位研究計劃
      a study plan for Ph.D. program
    5. 其他著作、論文或發明(若有)
      publications or inventions (if applicable)
  4. 碩士生逕行修讀博士學位之審查及口試委員之人選依本系教師口試(含資料審查)輪值表排七位委員,且指導教授需迴避。依書面資料及口試評定,經由本系審查通過後,轉交學校送教育部申請博士班入學資格。教育部核定後,即成為博士班研究生。
    By turns, seven faculty members of the Department will be assigned each year to serve on the Review and Oral Examination Committee and to process the screening of the applicants for the direct Ph.D. track. However, applicants’ advisors should not be a part of the screening process. The committees will assess applicants based on their application materials and an oral examination. Upon approval by the Department, the screening results will be forwarded to NCTU authority and then to MOE for affirmation. After getting confirmation from MOE, applicants who are accepted will officially become doctoral students of the Department.
  5. 根據「交通大學碩士學位及博士學位授予作業規章」第十三條,凡逕行修讀博士學位之研究生,通過博士學位候選人資格考核,但未通過博士學位考試,其博士學位論文經博士學位考試委員會決定合於碩士學位標準者,得授予碩士學位。
    In line with Article XIII of the NCTU Master’s and Ph.D. Degree Awarding Regulations, the student who passes the Ph.D. qualifying examination in the direct Ph.D. track but fails the degree examination can be granted a master’s degree if the dissertation committee agrees that his/her dissertation meets the standard of a master’s thesis.
  6. 其餘進修要點與本系博士班研究生相同。
    Items not stated herein are subject to the Policies and Procedures of the Ph.D. Program of the Department.
  7. 本辦法經本系系務會議通過後公佈實施, 修正亦同。
    The aforementioned regulations are implemented upon approval by the Departmental Affairs Meeting. The same procedure will be applied for future revisions.


The Regulations were drawn up in Chinese and translated into English. In the event of any discrepancy between the two versions, the original Chinese version shall prevail.