Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

In response to serious global competition and the need to continually perform industrial upgrades, we constantly review our strategic direction and plan to keep pace with the world trend and pursue research and teaching excellence.
Sharpening Our Strengths

Balance between theories and practices

Our academic environment, which is close to the real practices of the information and communication technology industry, enables students to balance academic theories, practical problems and “hands on” experiences. Through this approach, our faculty and students not only have strong theoretic skills, but also can solve real problems.

Global excellence, local engagement

We engage with Taiwan society to help industries identify and solve their operational problems and compete successfully in the global marketplace. Our research is thus driven by real problems and needs and solved with solid theoretic methodologies. The successful experiences are shared in notable international journals and at conferences.
Resource Integration

In research, we collaborate to establish and support cross-disciplinary research groups at NCTU including the Semiconductor Manufacturing Management Laboratory, Supply Chain Management Research Group, Quality Management Research Group, and Bioinformation Analytics Research Group. We work closely with information and communication technology ICT and biotechnology companies in Hsinchu Science Park, our campus neighbor, to enhance the applicability of our collaborative research.

Our teaching efforts draw upon NCTU’s extensive knowledge of information technology in order to develop our students’ competence in this important field. Our commitment to resource integration helps our students become experts in delivering superior problem solutions. To keep pace with changing trends in industrial engineering and management, we establish develop cross-disciplinary programs that address issues in emerging technologies.