UMAP 2018-2 Program A&B are now available for application_Deadline: 2018/9/3 17:00

UMAP serves as another channel for students who are interested in exchange program for either one or two semesters!
All students are welcome!

Please refer to the following information:

1. About the event:
This program is only available for NCTU registered students.
UMAP is an institute consisted of universities from different countries and provides different programs;
for more detailed information, go to the below link: http://umap.org/forstudents/#application-procedure

2. Required documentation:
2-1. Application form (As attachment)
2-2. Other relevant documentation: language proficiency, transcript, CV

Please note that you will be asked to hand in further document requested by partner universities.

3. Deadline:
2018/9/3 (Fri.), no exception for any delay.
Please do make sure to hand in all the required documentation to OIA (library 8F.); any delay is not accepted.

Contact: Ms. Joanna Huang
TEL: 03-5712121 #50059
Email: joannahuang@nctu.edu.tw


Check here: https://oia.nctu.edu.tw/en/uncategorized/3429/