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Privacy and Security Policy

Network safety and protection measures

  1. Using a detecting system for any network invasion, monitoring and controlling the flow so as to block the malicious behaviors of un-authorized uploads, alteration, or hackers.
  2. Installing a firewall to prevent illegal invasion, alteration, or stealing of information. We also protect our website from being illegally used to guarantee users’ rights.
  3. Installing virus scan software to scan virus regularly so as to offer our users a safer environment for browsing.
  4. Periodically conducting virtual hacker simulation to train our reactions and reporting procedures when security is breached, calling for proper defense action.
  5. Making back-up files on a daily basis to save all information in the server.
  6. Automatically receiving the email messages from work station suppliers or application suppliers, and following the suggestions of the email messages to install proper PATCH.

Privacy Policy

  1. Our website doesn’t require any personal ID information submission for only browsing and download files on the website.
  2. To apply for on-line services offered by our website, it may require your personal information. The office in charge will ask you to provide the most up-to-date and true information of your name, ID, contact phone number, email, inhabitant address and registered address.
  3. Our website records user IP, browsing time, pages, and content. The information gives our website data for analyzing the flow and network behavior, which facilitates and improves our service quality. It provides the data of the overall user behavior analysis, and will not analyze behavior of any individual user.
  4. Our global information network is obliged to protect your privacy and will not change or delete any personal information and files without your approval. Our website won’t do it unless it is agreed by you or the following conditions:
    1. Violations of the regulations of this website, ie., traducing, or statements that involves personal attack.
    2. To Protect or defend relevant personal privileges or ownership.
    3. To protect the rights and benefits of related units/offices on our website.
  5. The global information network will not sell, trade nor lend any of your personal information to any organization, individual, or enterprise, unless faced with the following conditions:
    1. Required by legal investigation procedures.
    2. Requied by law for the purpose purpose of maintaining and elevating our services.


  1. 適用範圍
    (1) 使用本網站服務時,所涉及的個人資料蒐集、運用與保護。
  2. 個人資料之蒐集及使用方式。
    (1) 單純在本網站的瀏覽及檔案下載行為,本網站並不會蒐集任何有關個人的身份資料。
    (2) 利用本網站所提供的民意信箱、電子報服務項目,需申請人提供個人資料時,本會會依需求請您提供姓名及e-mail之個人資料。
    (3) 網站會記錄使用者上網時間以及在網站內所瀏覽的網頁等資料,這些資料係供本網站管理單位內部作網站流量和網路行為調查的
  3. 資訊安全
    (1) 使用網路入侵偵測系統,監控網路流量,以確認未經授權而企圖上載或更改、網頁資訊或蓄意破壞者。
    (2) 裝設防火牆防止非法入侵、破壞或竊取資料,避免網站遭到非法使用,並保障使用者的權益。
    (3) 裝設掃毒軟體,定期掃毒,提供使用者安全的網頁瀏覽環境。
    (4) 定時依照相關作業系統廠商之通知,更新適當之修補程式(patch)。
  4. 傳送電子郵件之政策
  5. 資料分享及公開方式
  6. 隱私權保護宣告之諮詢